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The purchase or sale of a home may be the largest financial transaction of your lifetime. If you are selling your home or purchasing a new home, protect your rights by retaining an experienced real estate lawyer.

In New Jersey, you can find the experienced and highly personalized legal representation you require by contacting me, attorney Benjamin J. Ginter. Since founding my law practice nearly a decade ago, I have helped many clients who are involved in residential and commercial real estate transactions protect their rights. I have extensive experience in home purchase and sales transactions and am pleased to assist both purchasers and sellers in a variety of ways, including:

  • Negotiation of contract terms
  • Preparation of closing documents
  • Attendance at closing
  • Thorough explanation of the process from start to finish
  • Explanation of contract terms and conditions
  • Assistance with title insurance
  • Assistance with home inspections
  • Review of inspection reports
  • Other matters critical to the protection of your rights

Retaining a knowledgeable real estate lawyer is critical when you are buying or selling a home. Sellers must carefully negotiate the terms of the sale and understand their contractual obligations. Purchasers must carefully negotiate and understand the terms of their contract. Purchasers must have time to obtain a home inspection and must understand the inspector’s report. Some homes have significant defects that are only discovered through a home inspection. Other key issues like title insurance must be carefully addressed.

As your attorney, I will work closely with you to help you understand your rights and help you understand the terms of your agreement. At all times, you will have a dedicated and knowledgeable attorney working on your behalf to protect your rights.

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