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About Me, Attorney Benjamin J. Ginter

If you are planning to buy or sell real estate, you may encounter any number of difficulties. To ensure a successful transaction, you need an attorney on your side. My law firm, the Law Office of Benjamin J. Ginter, LLC, is available to be your resource during this trying time. I serve people from all walks of life in Cranford, Union County and northern New Jersey. Learn more about my readiness to help you by following the link below:

At my firm, I prioritize responsiveness and care for your needs. Sit down with me for a free initial consultation. I will be happy to answer your questions to make you more comfortable with the process. I will bring 20 years of experience and professional enhancements to bear on your New Jersey real estate case.

I Am Prepared To Take On Tough Challenges On Your Behalf

Buying or selling a home can come with many challenges. I am ready to help you confront some of the biggest obstacles in life by focusing on solving issues that can be the most disruptive to you and your family.

I have practiced since 2002, putting my clients’ needs at the forefront of my work. Those who use my services are continually impressed by the responsiveness and friendly approach at my law firm. I want to bring the same helpful, judgment-free attitude to your case.

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Contact me today for guidance in all aspects of residential real estate law. Ask me also about your commercial real estate needs.

You can speak with me today after scheduling a free initial consultation at my Cranford office. Call 908-418-4084 or send an email. Count me in as the lawyer on your side who will treat you well during a stressful time. Don’t make a complex sale or purchase more difficult by trying to do it alone or relying on a law firm that doesn’t care about your needs. At the Law Office of Benjamin J. Ginter, LLC, I am ready to help you by putting you first in the process.