An Experienced Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Turn To Me When You Need A Skilled Real Estate Law Attorney

Anyone who has shopped for a home or commercial property will agree – buying and selling real estate is not an easy process. Uncertainty about loan approval and closing can create unnecessary stress, and your lack of knowledge about real estate law can put you at a disadvantage throughout the ordeal.

Your dream home or site for your business can quickly become a nightmare if you are suddenly stuck with a costly repair bill that wasn’t covered in your buying contract. Speaking with an attorney before buying a home or commercial real estate can help protect the largest investment in your life.

I Will Help You Anticipate Potential Issues

At the Law Office of Benjamin J. Ginter, LLC, I provide foresight in the home-buying process. Whether this is your first home or your fourth, you may be unaware of changes or little-known protections in the law that can affect your residential property.

My services are usually covered by a flat fee – a small but critical investment you can make to cover your future as a homeowner in New Jersey.

Addressing The ‘What Ifs’ Of Home Buying

At my law firm, I am committed to helping safeguard you from the uncertainties of the future. Buyers typically come to me after discovering issues during their home inspection, but you can get help at any time during the process. In the past, I have successfully renegotiated prices and added language to contracts that cover the costs of repairs.

Discover Your Options With A Free Initial Consultation

Let me help you protect your home, your commercial property and your future with a free initial consultation. I take pride in providing a timely response to your questions with advice that is honest and friendly. Contact me today by calling my Cranford office at 908-418-4084 or sending an email to take advantage of your free first appointment.