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Having your wages garnished can be extremely frustrating and financially devastating. In many instances, wage garnishments are used by creditors to collect old debts for which a significant amount of the remaining debt is nothing more than interest and penalties. It seems unfair that a creditor can get a court order that forces your employer to remove a portion of your earnings from your paycheck.

If you are struggling with debt and a wage garnishment is making your life difficult, bankruptcy may provide a solution. You may be able to stop a wage garnishment and discharge your debts through bankruptcy. To learn more about bankruptcy and your rights, e-mail, attorney Benjamin J. Ginter. I have helped thousands of clients throughout New Jersey who are facing debt problems obtain debt relief.

Can Bankruptcy Stop All Wage Garnishments?

Certain types of wage garnishments may not be stopped by filing for bankruptcy. Child support obligations, certain tax debts and student loans are types of debts that are generally not dischargeable through bankruptcy.

However, most types of wage garnishments can be halted through bankruptcy. In addition to stopping a wage garnishment, you may be able to discharge your debts through bankruptcy. With a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a person may discharge credit card debt, medical bills and most other forms of consumer debt. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide vital debt relief as well and can put a halt to many types of wage garnishments.

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