Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

Repairing Your Credit Score

Many of the people who come to me with questions about bankruptcy have unnecessary fears. They fear that if they file for bankruptcy, they will damage their credit for life. They think they will never again obtain a credit card, auto loan or home loan.

My clients are often surprised to discover that they can restore their credit much more quickly after bankruptcy than they originally anticipated. If you have questions about bankruptcy and how it may affect your credit rating, I encourage you to contact me, attorney Benjamin J. Ginter. Call 908-418-4084 to contact my law office in Cranford, New Jersey.

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At your free consultation, I will take time to listen to you, understand your situation and give you candid advice that is in your best interests. I will help you answer the following questions:

  • Is bankruptcy right for me?
  • Am I eligible for bankruptcy?
  • What type of bankruptcy is best for me?
  • How can I rebuild credit after bankruptcy?

People who contact my law office are facing financial challenges due to a job layoff, divorce, personal injury or other difficult challenge. As a result, they have no ability to pay their monthly bills on time.

Making late payments each month damages your credit and is not a long-term solution. While filing for bankruptcy may result in a short-term hit to your credit rating, it will enable you to start paying your monthly bills on time and start rebuilding your credit.

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